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Roadtrip Swiss
Lötschental Valley
A superb road that winds between the mountains, a glacial torrent of crystal clear water and a glacier, all for only 25km between several 3000m peaks!
Roadtrip Swiss
Emosson lake and dam
From the dam you can start two (difficult) walks in the moutain or take the easy route with the nice funiculars and trains.
Roadtrip Swiss
Neuchatel is much more than just a stopover on an itinerary thanks to its lake, old town, green spaces and funicular railway.
Roadtrip Swiss
Creux du Van (Switzerland)
The Creux du Van rock formation offers a spectacular view of the Neuchatel valley and has several easy hiking trails.
Tests / Reviews
Samsung Gear 360 review
360 cameras are the new hype and I started my journey into the 360 world with the Samsung Gear 360. Is is any good? Let's check!
Tests / Reviews
Test, review and comparison of GPS trackers/tracers (Invoxia vs Hangang)
With a GPS tracker you can track your vehicles or people on a map as in the movies but what is this type of object really worth?
Tests / Reviews
Honor 8X test, review and price
Honor has managed to find its audience Europe with affordable devices for which you will find many positive reviews. What about Honor 8X? Will X make the difference?
Tests / Reviews
Sonic Soak test and review
Sonic Soak is a new gadget cleaning almost everything with ultrasound, does it deliver its promise ? Let's check out!
Tests / Reviews
Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite test and review
Halfway to the top of the range and around 200€, the Mi8 wants to redistribute the cards but will it succeed? Read my test.
Tests / Reviews
Xgimi H1 test - review one year after buying
Xgimi H1 is a new chinese video projector coming from crowd funding. Is it any good? Let's check.
Fallout 76 test and review
Fallout is back after 3 years with Fallout 76. New era, new atmosphere and multiplayer. What's this new episode worth? Let's take a closer look.
photo retouching
Photolemur 3 test & review
Photolemur is a new and very easy to use photo editing software based on artificial intelligence to make your choices. The software is mainly aimed at beginners.
Tests / Reviews
Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 test
With the Redmi Note 5, Xiaomi is taking a new step towards the European market with a high-end product at a mid-range price.
Roadtrip italy
Lake Como
A veritable concentrate of Italy with beautiful landscapes, cinema sets, jet set, history and good (ice) balls.
Tests / Reviews
Leeco Coolpad Cool1 test / review
A complete Chinese smartphone for less than 100€? And he also makes coffee? No, but it's probably one of the best smartphones in this price range.
Roadtrip Swiss
Val d'Anniviers
Green in summer and white in winter, the Val d' Anniviers is a typical Swiss valley that lives to the rhythm of skiing in winter and hiking in summer while respecting its natural heritage.