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Mibro Lite : test / review

Mibro Lite : test / review
Category: Smartwatch

Mibro is a relatively young brand in the world of watches, I tested the Mibro Air last year and the price / quality ratio of this first Mibro watch was really excellent. This time I will focus on the Mibro Lite which brings many improvements compared to the Mibro Air starting with the use of an Amoled screen. [b][b] Mibro had found a good balance between price and functionality with its first watch, the Mibro Air will do even better because for an introductory price of less than 45 €, you get a watch with a Neat design and a 1.3 inch amoled screen and a resolution of 360x360. If you don't know what an amoled screen can do for you, know that this kind of screen offers excellent contrast and a sharper image (blacks are really black unlike LCD screens). [b][b] For the fastest, Mibro offers Lenovo headphones and other free products. [b][b] Introductory price: 43.49 USD (taxes and shipping included) [b][b]

Mibro Lite / 43.49 USD


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Price Mibro Lite

The list below shows the prices for the Mibro Lite from more than 50 sites around the world. If you are not satisfied with any price, you can subscribe to a price alert to be the first to be notified when the price drops.[b]
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09/15/21 Reception of the Mibro Lite (from Aliexpress)[b]

Waarom deze smartwatch?

Smartwatches have become fairly common objects and can be found at all prices with sometimes quite variable levels of quality. I mainly focus on the entry level because these watches are accessible to everyone and I find more and more models that manage to combine quality and price. Xiaomi and Amazfit undoubtedly have a lot of lead over other brands in this price range, but there are credible alternatives such as this new Mibro Lite. [b][b] What first attracted me to this watch was its screen. When you are used to using amoled screens, it is quite difficult to go back to an LCD screen. Finding a watch with an amoled screen in this price range is not always easy. I'm not going to make the suspense last, the screen is excellent. [b][b] The price is obviously the main element in my choice but for this kind of product, a lower price often rhymes with a lower quality. Mibro has designed a watch with a fairly neat design, my test should verify the watch manages to keep the promise projected by its exterior appearance.[b]

Structure of my tests

I test products according to a pre-established structure (see below) to provide you with maximum information. Unfortunately, this takes a lot of time. Unlike some sites where products are tested on a single day, I use the products I test for a minimum of a few weeks and sometimes even a few months. If the test is not complete at the time of your visit, I invite you to come back later or ask your question in the comment section below.


The Mibro Lite comes packaged in a small box which doesn't give a very premium feeling but the brand has evolved in a year. The first watch I tested was strongly inspired by the Xiaomi universe, this new watch departs from it to assert a different type of identity. [b][b] The box contains the bare minimum: the watch, a usb charging base and a manual. It doesn't take more anyway. [b]

First configuration

The Mibro Lite works with the MibroFit app which is available for free in the Google PlayStore. When starting for the first time, the watch displays a QR code which will allow you to download the application if you do not want to search for it yourself. I was able to skip this step because I already had this application. To use the Mibrofit application you need an account, that's the kind of thing that annoys me a bit, but the procedure is not complicated, you just receive a code by email to enter in the application. [b][b] On the home screen, all you have to do is add a device to the application, the detection is done fairly quickly and without problems. After a few seconds the watch is synchronized with the app, you may need to download an update to the watch, it all depends on the version installed in the watch at the time of purchase. [b][b] The configuration is easy but the application is not always well translated, I will come back to this point in the paragraph concerning the application. [b]


The Mibro Lite has a good level of finish. The watch is mainly made of rigid plastic materials which gives it an impression of solidity without the counterpart of weight. The Mibro Air that I tested last year also had a good level of finish compared to the price but this Mibro Lite takes it up a notch. I guess the use of black plays a role because we no longer perceive the plastic effect of textures. [b][b] The screen occupies most of the front panel, the borders between the screen and the edge of the watch are visible but the use of black strongly attenuates this effect. [b][b] The bracelet is mainly made of soft silicone, so it can adapt quite well to the shape of the wrist, tightening it correctly I have never felt any floating effect like on other watches / bracelets. The bracelet is detachable and replaceable. The closing mechanism is plastic and looks quite flimsy but I will see if that is a problem after a few weeks of use. [b][b] The watch has only one control button on the right, it is quite large and sticks out a bit from the edge of the watch. This button works fine but you must be careful to keep a certain distance between the button and the crease caused by your hand because you could light it by bending your hand. I realized this while playing sports where after folding my hand, I stopped measuring the exercise. [b][b] The Mibro Lite has a very classic design but overall I find the watch to be quite successful. I probably would have preferred a bigger screen but that's just a personal preference as the last watches I tested had huge screens.[b][b]


The Mibro Lite has fairly standard connectivity with bluetooth to synchronize with your smartphone, but it does not seem to have GPS.[b]

Battery range

The Mibro Lite weighs just 48 grams and the light is often synonymous with poor battery life. This is not the case, the Mibro Lite has a very good autonomy. The watch was 80% charged when I received it and a week later it was 33% after I had done 3 sports sessions (45 min and 2x30 minutes). It is possible to configure the screen to light up by raising your wrist but I have disabled this function. My test is not complete but I should be able to last 2 weeks with a battery charge.[b]

Screen quality

The Amoled screen of this watch is one of the strong points of this watch. It is not the only one to be equipped with a screen of this type but in this price range it is quite rare. The screen offers a very well contrasted image, the texts are very readable and the pixels are very fine. You can change the appearance of the screen from the Mibro Fit app.[b]


I have produced a video to demonstrate the functionality of this watch and here is a summary of the interface: [b] - main screen configurable from the Mibrofit app [b] - left: shortcuts to the most used features [b] - right: widgets for heart rate, sleep measurement, weather forecast, music player, summary of activities and stress level [b] - bottom: access to messages [b] - top: watch configuration [b][b] To access all the functions, press the button after turning on the screen. The watch has a large number of sports modes and offers some additional features such as a stopwatch, countdown, calculator, breathing exercise, etc. [b][b] The Mibro Lite does not revolutionize the world of watches, that's not the goal anyway, but it has all the features usually available on this kind of watch.[b]


When I test a watch, I can usually take screenshots of the app to compare all the measurements in detail. I was not able to do this with the Mibro Lite because the Mibrofit app does not show enough detail. I will therefore simply copy some measurements below. [b][b] Heart rate measurement: [b] I did several cycling sessions (indoor and outdoor) and I compared the measurements of the Mibro Lite with the Mi Band 6 bracelet and my Polar H10 belt. As a rule, what is displayed on the watch screen at the time of exercise is completely wrong. When I did my first exercise, I told myself that the watch had such a problem what was displayed was impossible. In reality, the watch records beats closer to reality because at the end of the exercise, the maximum number of beats approached the result obtained on the other two devices. Those who have their eyes set on their heartbeat during exercise are therefore not going to appreciate this watch very much. The watch therefore records more information but it does not keep all the intermediate measurements like the Mi Band 6, so you will only get a summary. I'm not a big athlete, I cycle 1 to 2 hours per week but the Mibro Lite does not allow me to follow my "performances" as well as with a Mi Band bracelet or a Polar belt. [b][b] Sleep measurement [b] Like most watches, the Mibro Lite is trapped by inactivity at night. If you watch TV without moving too much after 10 p.m., the watch will consider that you are asleep. It's the same with most watches, I never gave much credit to this kind of measurement. The watch detects phases of sleep, but I cannot compare these results with another data source. What bothered me a little about the sleep measurement is that the data from the last night disappears during the day. [b][b] Number of steps [b] I noted a difference of 10 to 15% with reality and the reliability of the number of steps is also depend on the type of soil. I have the impression that measurements on flat and hard ground are more reliable than on uneven ground. It is often the same with watches of this type.[b]


The Mibrofit app is quite easy to use. From the home screen you can access the main functions such as heart rate measurement, sleep measurement, exercises, the oxygen level in the direction, ... Each menu has a specific graphical interface and in as a whole it is quite successful. However, I find that the level of detail is not always sufficient and especially for sport, the information is too limited. I would have liked a preview of the whole session like with MiFit. The translations are also very approximate, it will not block you from using the watch, it may even make you smile. The Mibrofit application is still quite young and it is not yet at the level of what is done at Xiaomi or Amazfit but unless you are an athlete looking for better performance, this application should suit a fairly large audience. . [b]


The watch is compatible with all Android or iOs smartphones where the Mibrofit application is available.[b]

Operating system

The Mibro Lite uses a proprietary operating system, so it is not possible to download applications or change features. I went through all of the menus in the video a few paragraphs above.[b][b]

Encoutered bugs

Not yet available / tested[b][b]

Compare Mibro Lite with the others

I assigned a score of 1 to 10 for each test that determines the strengths and weaknesses of a product. I am using 0 for criteria that have not (yet) been tested. A score of 1 to 3 indicates poor performance (and yes, it does), a score of 4 to 6 indicates average performance, a score of 7 to 8 indicates good performance, and a score of 9 and 10 indicates exceptional performance. .
The score is calculated based on my measurements and when there are no measurements, it is a subjective opinion based on my experience.

The scores are not static, they change over time because the performance of new products changes and this must be taken into account.

Score not yet available
Mibro Fit
Global ranking
1. Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 52.5 / 77
2. Kospet Optimus 2 49.5 / 77
3. Lemfo Lem15 49 / 77
4. Kospet Prime S 49 / 77
5. Amazfit Gts 48 / 77
6. Haylou Rs3 47.5 / 77
7. Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite 47.5 / 77
8. Kospet Magic 3 43 / 70
9. Amazfit X Curved 42.5 / 70
10. Kospet Rock 41.5 / 70
11. Huawei Watch Gt Active 41.5 / 70
12. Mi Band 4 41 / 70
13. Mi Band 5 40.5 / 70
14. Mi Band 3 39.5 / 70
15. Fobase Magic 39.5 / 70
16. Zeblaze Ares 38.5 / 70
17. Mibro Air 38.5 / 70
18. Umidigi Uwatch Gt 38 / 70
19. Mi Band 6 37.5 / 63

Test / Review conclusion

The Mibro Lite is a very light watch (48 grams) with a neat design and a superb amoled screen. It uses a proprietary operating system which is very easy to use, nor did I notice any problems using it. The screen readability is impeccable, the graphical interface is simple but consistent across all the menus. The battery life is really good with almost two weeks of autonomy with between 2 and 4 hours of sport, however I disabled the automatic switching on of the screen and the brightness was at 50%. I do not spend my time reading my messages so the screen is not very busy. [b][b] This watch is intended for a large audience who do not need exact and detailed measurements. The heart rate consultation works without problems but if you want to measure your sports performance and measure the evolution of it, I would rather recommend another watch such as for example a Haylou RS3 or a Mi Band 6. [b][b] The MibroFit application is also somewhat lacking in maturity for those who would like to make the most of the data from the watch, but if performance does not interest you, the application will give you enough information. [b][b][b]Strengths[b]screen quality [b] battery life [b] ease of use [b] good finish [b] ultra light [b] waterproof IP68 [b][b][b]Weaknesses[b]The application does not return enough data [b] Heart rate measurement for athletes not suitable [b][b][b]

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