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Urtopia electric bike : test / review

Urtopia electric bike : test / review (get 500$ rebate!)
Category: Tests / Reviews

[b]I test all kinds of products but as this blog is not my main occupation, I have to test products that are useful to me on a daily basis to be sure to have enough time to test them. Among these products there was one that I hadn't really thought about, it was the bicycle. I'm not a great athlete but I try to cycle one to two hours a week to keep in shape. A priori, bikes are not products for geeks like what I usually test, but I found a product that will reconcile geeks with cycling, it is the Urtopia electric bike.[b][b]The Urtopia ebike is an electric bike that started its life in crowdfunding on Indiegogo, the campaign raised just over 3 million euros. It's a very good performance but these beautiful figures do not give any guarantee that the product will end up being marketed. There is always a risk with this kind of campaigns but this time I think this product will go beyond the prototype stage and will eventually arrive on the European market. There are already a few videos circulating where testers received a pre-production version, so the bike is very real.[b][b]

What is Urtopia

[b]Urtopia is the first electric bike marketed by Newurtopia. This Chinese start-up is positioning itself in an ecological niche to design different products with a zero carbon footprint. Newurtopia has surrounded itself with European and American profiles to design their product, in particular Mathis Heller ( who has a series of successes in the field of design, you can find his professional career here:[b][b]Obviously all these elements are purely theoretical for the moment, other start-ups have emerged with the same kind of ambition and have not survived the marketing of their first product. So there is always a risk here but all the companies that exist today had to start with something so why not this one.[b][b]

Price / Where to buy?

[b]The Urtopia is available for pre-order on the official website for the price of 2799 USD or 3399 USD depending on the version chosen. The first deliveries are expected for the month of May.[b][b][b]Sales until April 30th: pay now 100$ and get 500$ rebate[b][b]If you are interested in this bike: Urtopia / pre-order on[b][b]

Video demo


Urtopia - The bike

[b]The Urtopia reminds me of another project I supported at the time, the design is very similar to the Superstrata which also started life on Indiegogo. The different element is the lack of vertical support from the saddle to the bottom bracket. I read many reviews about this when Superstrata came up with this idea. I have to see today that the concept works, just watch the few (serious) videos on this bike. Beyond the exterior appearance, there are other interesting elements on this bike.[b][b][b]Frame[b][b]The frame is entirely built in carbon fiber, it's the same for the forks and the handlebars, it's not the first bike of this type but this allows it to achieve a weight of only 14 kilos. The use of carbon also makes it possible to design bikes of a slightly different format and this one clearly has a futuristic design.[b][b][b]Engine[b][b]The motor is a 250W motor with 35Nm of torque which on paper shouldn't be too noisy. This engine alone weighs 1.7kg and has a lifespan of 20,000 km. The European version will be limited to 25 km/h, beyond this speed the engine will no longer offer assistance. The American version will be limited to 32 km/h. The engine will be supported by a 360Wh Samsung Li-Ion battery which will require 2h30 to be recharged. The battery will also be removable to allow the bike to be recharged without having to bring it into your home. I'm curious to test the autonomy of this bike because even if the engine does not run all the time, this bike does not seem to be designed to do very long routes.[b][b][b]Chain of transmission[b][b]Bicycles are in most cases equipped with a chain to ensure the transmission from the crankset to the rear wheel. The Urtopia uses a type of carbon fiber belt that requires no maintenance and has a lifespan of 30,000 km. The crankset looks huge with its 55 teeth, the cassette has 22 teeth. With 700 wheels, this brings the bike to a development of 5 meters per revolution of the pedal. It's not a lot, it's nothing like a race bike that can easily do double that. I have never ridden with an electric bike, it will undoubtedly give me the impression of pedaling in a vacuum.[b][b]
[b][b]Geek gear[b][b]The handlebar incorporates a screen giving indications on the operation of the bike but the geek side does not stop there. The Urtopia also supports the following features:[b]- voice control (I'm curious to see if it will support languages ​​other than English)[b]- unlocking by fingerprint[b]- gps and esim for connectivity[b]- accelerometer and gyroscope to send an alert if your bike is moving (eg to warn you of a theft)[b]- left/right indicators that can be activated on the handlebars[b]- remote update[b]- rear radar to warn of the arrival of vehicles[b][b]The technological equipment looks really interesting, remains to be seen if all this will work as expected, software means bugs and I don't really want to have a software bug when I ride my bike.[b][b]

Urtopia review

[b]The bike should be available during the month of April, it's a good timing because a priori the weather makes it easier to ride a bike than in January or February. I have several loops (10/12/20/30 kms) that I use to cycle, I have been cycling these loops for a few years, so I know the terrain well and will therefore be able to compare them with this electric bike. I will also measure my heart rate to see what kind of effort I need to put in to do the same number of kilometers with this electric bike.[b][b]I'm 1m94 and about 100kg so I'm not what you would call a small format, I'm curious to see how well the Urtopia can adapt to my situation and if it will deliver enough power to move my 100kg . My current racing bike is a fairly basic racing bike from Decathlon with a 50/12, it's clearly not a bike for the pros but I don't think the Urtopia is aimed at a more demanding public, the comparison will therefore be interesting.[b][b][b][b]While waiting to receive the bike, ask your questions in the comments section and I will try to answer them as soon as I have the bike.[b][b]Update 08/05:[b]Delivery in the US has started, the first customers should receive their bikes very soon.[b]Here is an additional video about the bike:[b][b][b]You'll be able to see the Urtopia in Frankfurt, Germany at the Eurobike exhibition from July 13-17.[b][b]There's still an introductory promo: pay $99 now and get $500 in benefits when you order.[b][b]Update 08/05:[b]Delivery in the US has started, the first customers should receive their bikes very soon.[b]Here is an additional video about the bike:[b][b][b]You'll be able to see the Urtopia in Frankfurt, Germany at the Eurobike exhibition from July 13-17.[b][b]There's still an introductory promo: pay $99 now and get $500 in benefits when you order.[b][b]Update 21/05:[b]Orders for Europe are scheduled for June.[b]There is also a new pre-sale promo with a lower entry price for those who were afraid to commit to the previous promo.[b]If you pay €49 in advance, you will receive €200 off and free shipping.[b][b]To take advantage of it: Urtopia / pre-order on[b][b]

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