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Xiaomi Mi Band 6 : test / review

Xiaomi Mi Band 6 : test / review
Category: Smartwatch

I started to test Xiaomi Mi Band bracelets from Mi Band 3 and then bought a Mi Band 4, then a Mi Band 5 and today the Mi Band 6. I am not a collector, I bought these products simply because they are great products. Xiaomi applies the same tactics as its smartphones, they design complete products at a competitive price. The Mi Band range has always been marketed at a very reasonable price and offering all the features that one is entitled to expect from such a product. The Mi Band range cannot really be compared to a smartwatch, it should rather be seen as a connected bracelet. This probably explains why Xiaomi sells its bracelet at a price significantly lower than that of a watch.[b][b][b]linkManufacturer web site:[b]
How are my tests different from others on the web?

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Price Mi Band 6

The list below shows the prices for the Mi Band 6 from more than 50 sites around the world. If you are not satisfied with any price, you can subscribe to a price alert to be the first to be notified when the price drops.[b]
Mi Smart Band 6 *1.56 Pantalla Completa Amoled* 30 Modos de Entrenamiento* Monitor SpO2* Resistente ...
2022-06-27 00:52
30 EUR
Xiaomi Mi Band 6 AMOLED 1,56" 5 ATM Pulsera de Actividad DMonitor de Frecuencia...
2022-06-26 14:23
33 EUR
Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 Orologio Smart, Schermo AMOLED 1.56'', Tracciamento Sport, Resistente all'Acq...
2022-06-27 00:49
33 EUR
Xiaomi Mi Band 6 Fitness Tracker, 30 Modos de Actividad Deportivos, Reloj Inteligente Impermeable co...
2022-06-27 00:22
35 EUR
Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 Pantalla AMOLED de 1.56 Pulgadas, Monitor de Frecuencia Cardíaca y Oxígeno ...
2022-06-27 00:22
35 EUR
Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6, Fitness- & Aktivitätstracker ( 30 Trainings Modi, Schla...
2022-06-25 14:13
36 EUR
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April 30, 2021: I ordered the Mi Band 6 on Aliexpress [b] May 21, 2021: I received the Mi Band 6, the test can begin[b]

Waarom deze smartwatch?

As I wrote in the introduction, I bought the Mi Band because it is a product that offers excellent value for money. I also followed the evolution of each model, I did not notice any big changes with each generation, it is especially the size of the screen that evolves. With the Mi Band 6, it is once again the screen that evolves because the functionalities follow market trends. The price has changed a lot too, I bought the previous models for around 20 €, I paid 34 € for this new model, it is the first time that I have to pay more than 30 € for a Mi Band. The price has therefore increased, but it remains competitive despite everything. [b][b] I have tested many watches in the Mi Band 6 price range and each time I have come to the same conclusion, the measurements taken by the watch (heart, sleep, ...) are unreliable. The Mi Band range has always offered a much higher level of reliability to these watches and this justifies its price positioning to evolve a little. The Mi Band is obviously not comparable to a high-end product like a Polar watch, but the level of precision offered will be sufficient for a large majority of users.[b]

Structure of my tests

I test products according to a pre-established structure (see below) to provide you with maximum information. Unfortunately, this takes a lot of time. Unlike some sites where products are tested on a single day, I use the products I test for a minimum of a few weeks and sometimes even a few months. If the test is not complete at the time of your visit, I invite you to come back later or ask your question in the comment section below.


If I compare the Mi Bands that I bought, I don't see any big differences in the format of the product but on the other hand the positioning has changed. Between the Mi Band 3 box and the Mi Band 6 box, there is clearly an evolution towards a more premium product even if the product has not fundamentally changed. The box contains the watch, a bracelet (compatible with other Mi Bands), a large user manual and a magnetic charger (the same as for the Mi Band 5) [b][b] [b][b] What changes compared to the Mi Band 5? Here are the two products side by side, apart from the small symbol on the screen of the Mi Band 5 (on the right), there is hardly any difference.

First configuration

To be able to configure the Mi Band 6, you need to download the free MiFit app. This app is developed by Xiaomi, so there are no compatibility issues and the app helps to harness the potential of the Mi Band. The initial configuration can either be done by detecting the Mi Band via Bluetooth or by using a QR code. I had no problem setting up the watch, I spent more time choosing my settings than connecting the watch to my phone. [b][b] The customization possibilities have evolved a lot since the Mi Band 3 and even if the watch has not evolved much in terms of its format, the interface is now completely customizable. [b][b][b]


The Mi Band 6 is not directly comparable with a watch and it is difficult to give it a finish score because it is so basic. The Mi Band is above all a bracelet rather than a watch. The main block remains quite thick, it is almost as thick as a watch but since it is narrower it gives it a massive look. The set is quite light and the shape of the bracelet is perfectly adapted to the wrist, I do not feel the presence of a thick block stuck in a silicone bracelet. The screen occupies a significant space, it is the biggest evolution of the product since the Mi Band 3, the borders are quite thin and the use of an Amoled screen offers excellent readability. [b][b][b]


The Mi Band 6 connects via Bluetooth to your phone, it does not have other types of connectivity (wifi, gps, etc.).[b]

Battery range

Mi Band bracelets have always been benchmarks in terms of autonomy, previous models allowed the bracelet to be used for weeks before needing to be recharged. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case with the Mi Band 6. I was surprised to find that I last a maximum of 7 days with a battery charge. I use the bracelet every day to check the time and receive my messages, add to that between 1 and 2 hours of sport per week, the screen is set to 50% brightness and I use the "no" mode. do not disturb "between 10 pm and 6 am ... and under these conditions I do not exceed 7 days of autonomy. [b][b] With 7 days we can obviously already be satisfied but given that the autonomy was one of the strong points of the previous models, I am therefore a little disappointed with the autonomy of the Mi Band 6 .[b]

Screen quality

The presence of an Amoled screen on a watch or a bracelet for less than 40 € is quite rare, I think that only Xiaomi is able to do that. Why is it important? Amoled screens offer an almost infinite level of contrast, so readability is much better than with an LCD screen. The colors are also richly saturated and the infinite contrast offers a very good quality rendering. This is all the more important on a watch because the screen is smaller and the characters are sometimes very small, the screen of the Mi Band 6 is arguably the best screen that can be found in this range of price.[b]


The Mi Band 6 does not revolutionize the world of watches and bracelets, it broadly covers everything that can be found today in a watch or bracelet for less than 40 €. It contains the following functions: [b] - measurement of sleep, heart rate, number of steps, blood oxygen, stress level. [b] - sports modes: more than 20 available! [b] - reception of messages, notifications and emails [b] - additional functions: alarm, timer, stopwatch, ... [b] The Mi Band has always been a complete product and it is still the case with the Mi Band 6, it lacks only the GPS. [b][b]


I have tested many watches over the past 6 months and in the vast majority of cases watches under $ 50-60 are unreliable for heart rate measurement. The Mi Band range is an exception because from the Mi Band 3, I obtained good results and this has been confirmed from generation to generation. I'm not going to make the suspense last, this is also the case for the Mi Band 6. I use a Polar H10 belt to measure the heart rate when I play sports and this allows me to create a point of comparison in the same conditions. [b][b] I tried a new experiment to show how the Mi Band 6 behaves, I filmed my phone screen by sharing the screen between the Polar app and the Mi Fit app. I started the exercise slowly by walking a bit and then picked up the pace and then slowed down again. Here is a video to illustrate my point: Initially the measurements are very similar, they then deviate as the heart rate increases without really moving away in an extreme way and then the differences fade and the two measures come together. Watching these measurements live, I thought the end result was going to show that the Mi Band 6 has lost its reliability but it hasn't. If you watch the video to the end, you will find that the Mi Band 6 gets an average heart rate of 102 beats against 101 with the belt and the maximum frequency obtained on the Mi Band is 130 beats where the belt got 128 pulsations. [b][b] The Mi Band 6 is able to produce results very close to the Polar H10 belt and at this price it is quite incredible. The reliability can naturally vary depending on the type of movement because the belt remains firmly anchored on the chest while the Mi Band will move a little on the wrist.[b]


To be able to exploit the possibilities of the Mi Band 6 bracelet, you must use the Mi Fit application. This app has been around for a few years and I find it to be quite well designed. The home screen gives an overview of the data of the day, it is possible to obtain more details (eg: hourly measurement) for almost each measurement. The last sports sessions are also present on the home screen and it is possible to consult the previous sessions. For each session we find the history of heartbeats, the course and the average / maximum speed when the data is available. It is possible to start a sports activity from the application to benefit from the data collected by your phone (eg: gps, speed, altitude, ...). [b][b] The application also offers you to add friends to share your exploits and the profile tab allows you to configure the bracelet in great detail. [b][b] Unlike many Chinese apps, Mi Fit is translated correctly and I haven't encountered any bugs in use. The only thing that bothered me were the warnings asking you to allow the app to use notifications or certain phone data.[b]


The Mi Band 6 is compatible with any Android phone, so you don't have to use a Xiaomi brand phone.[b]

Operating system

The operating system of the Mi Band bracelet has evolved a lot since the Mi Band 3 while keeping a simplicity of use which should inspire other manufacturers. The main screen is customizable with different types of screens offered by Xiaomi, the side screens provide access to the music controller and the weather forecast, the vertical screens provide access to the different functions offered by the watch. The screen is very responsive and you don't have to repeat it several times to achieve the desired effect. The received messages appear above the main screen, just drag them to the side to make them disappear.[b][b]

Encoutered bugs

I have not encountered any problems with the Mi Band bracelet except perhaps with regard to notifications. I receive my emails on the watch and these emails arrive very randomly even though my phone is nearby. I don't know if this is a problem with the watch or with the synchronization with the phone, but sometimes I received emails that I had already deleted for hours. This delay is quite random and I don't really know what causes it.[b]

Compare Mi Band 6 with the others

I assigned a score of 1 to 10 for each test that determines the strengths and weaknesses of a product. I am using 0 for criteria that have not (yet) been tested. A score of 1 to 3 indicates poor performance (and yes, it does), a score of 4 to 6 indicates average performance, a score of 7 to 8 indicates good performance, and a score of 9 and 10 indicates exceptional performance. .
The score is calculated based on my measurements and when there are no measurements, it is a subjective opinion based on my experience.

The scores are not static, they change over time because the performance of new products changes and this must be taken into account.

Mi Band 6
Screen quality45
Finish quality3.54.5
GPS performance04
Reliability of measurements4.54.5
Ease of use4.54
Operating system44.5
Overall score37.548
Global ranking
1. Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 52.5 / 77
2. Kospet Optimus 2 49.5 / 77
3. Lemfo Lem15 49 / 77
4. Kospet Prime S 49 / 77
5. Amazfit Gts 48 / 77
6. Haylou Rs3 47.5 / 77
7. Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite 47.5 / 77
8. Kospet Magic 3 43 / 70
9. Amazfit X Curved 42.5 / 70
10. Kospet Rock 41.5 / 70
11. Huawei Watch Gt Active 41.5 / 70
12. Mi Band 4 41 / 70
13. Mi Band 5 40.5 / 70
14. Mi Band 3 39.5 / 70
15. Fobase Magic 39.5 / 70
16. Zeblaze Ares 38.5 / 70
17. Mibro Air 38.5 / 70
18. Umidigi Uwatch Gt 38 / 70
19. Mi Band 6 37.5 / 63

Test / Review conclusion

The Mi Band product has evolved a lot in recent years without revolutionizing the world of connected bracelets. Xiaomi has succeeded each time in bringing together the essentials of what can be expected from a bracelet in a compact and easy to use format. I find that it is especially at the level of the screen that the product has evolved because at the beginning, the screen was smaller, the interface was quite poor and the readability was not always very good. Today the Mi Band uses a color amoled screen offering very good contrast, very vivid colors and very good brightness (except maybe in direct sunlight). [b][b] In this price zone, bracelets / watches do not produce reliable heartbeat measurements, this is not the case with Mi Band products because the measurements are very close to those obtained with a Polar belt. If you are athletic and do not practice a sport where you are going to shake your wrist strongly, the Mi Band will become a good tool to measure your performance. [b][b] I was a little disappointed with the battery life because the previous models offered better battery life but a 7 day battery life is still very acceptable. I was also a little disappointed by the notifications for emails that arrive a bit randomly, the call notifications are on the other hand immediate. [b][b] Other manufacturers have tried to market similar products but until now, the Mi Band product range remains my reference for connected bracelets under 40 €.[b]Strengths[b]- screen readability / contrast [b][b] - ease of use [b][b] - reliability of cardiac measurements [b][b] - complete and good application designed [b][b] - lightness [b][b] - compatibility of straps with previous versions [b][b][b][b]Weaknesses[b]- declining battery life [b][b] - random delay in email notifications [b][b] - screen reflection in direct sunlight[b][b]

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