Contest: win 2 portable projectors and an ultra-powerful speaker!

Contest: win 2 portable projectors and an ultra-powerful speaker!


After 2 years of staying locked up at home with the covid, you will finally be able to go out and go far away on vacation. Before leaving, I'm organizing a contest where you can win
2 portable projectors
and a
ultra-powerful portable speaker
. You will be able to take your films, series and your music on vacation. There are 3 gifts therefore 3 potential winners. The first will be able to choose their gift from the 3 gifts offered, the next one will choose their gift from the remaining gifts and so on.

How to win?

After entering your details in the form at the top of the page, you will be able to perform actions to earn points. The two people who have accumulated the most points will win one of the gifts, the third winner will be chosen based on the answer to the subsidiary question (closest answer). Attention, the points are not calculated in real time and at the end of the contest, I will check the validity of the points of the winners to rule out any form of cheating.


You must earn maximum points by performing various actions offered in the game. Points are not calculated in real time. You can also win a gift by correctly answering the subsidiary answer. If one of the winners by point is also the one who will have given the closest answer to the subsidiary question, this winner will be able to choose only one gift. The winner for the tiebreaker question will be selected based on the second closest answer.

The winners on the basis of points will be designated from the highest scores after verification of the validity of the votes at the end of the contest (to rule out invalid votes).

Your data

I collect your email address and your name for the purposes of this contest. I will not send this information to anyone, it will only be used for this contest. If you are one of the winners, I will contact you to get your details for sending the gifts.

Conditions of participation in the contest

You must be over 18 and reside in one of the following countries: Belgium, Metropolitan France, Luxembourg, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Austria. Your gift will be sent by Mondial Relay (or equivalent). The first winner will be contacted maximum 10 days after the end of the contest. Each winner will have a maximum of 24 hours to choose their gift. If I don't have an answer after 24 hours (for whatever reason), I move on to the next winner.

This contest is completely free and there is no obligation to purchase.

Only one entry per person. Any attempt at cheating will irrevocably cancel your participation.



This game is organized by the company One Man Army SRL registered in the trade register of Tournai (Belgium) with the number 0739.977.465 and represented by Laurent Willen in his capacity as manager.

The game is organized from 06/17/2022 to 07/15/2022 (inclusive), the game is free and without obligation to purchase Participation in the game implies acceptance of its rules described below.

This operation is neither organized nor sponsored by Facebook, Google, Twitter, Apple or Microsoft.

The personal data collected in the context of this Game is intended for the organizing company and not for Facebook, Google, Twitter, Apple or Microsoft.


This Free Game is open to any natural person of legal age, with internet access and a valid email address, and residing in the following countries: Belgium, Metropolitan France, Luxembourg, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal , Italy, Austria.

The mere fact of participating in this Game implies the pure and simple acceptance, without reservation, of these rules.


This Game is a competition of the type of subsidiary question and points obtained by sharing which takes place exclusively on on the dates indicated in article 1. The competition is also available in other languages.

The competition is accessible from the laurentwillen. site, various partner sites and social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)

Participation in the Game is as follows:

The person must register with their real name and a valid email address (disposable email addresses will be rejected).

The person must complete the participation form made available to participants. This form is accessible on the URLs mentioned above.

Only one entry per person - same surname, same first name, same e-mail address - is authorized for the duration of the Game. On the other hand, the participant can increase his chances by returning each day to earn additional points.

As the Game is accessible in particular on the Facebook platform,, in no event will Facebook be held liable in the event of a dispute related to the Game. Facebook is neither the organizer nor the sponsor of the operation. The personal data collected during the Game is intended for the organizing company in accordance with article 12 of these rules.

As the Game is accessible on a mobile phone (Smartphone), under no circumstances will Apple, Microsoft, Google or any other mobile application platform be held responsible in the event of a dispute related to the Game.


To win, you must answer to accumulate a maximum of points or to be the closest to the answer to the subsidiary question. In the event of a tie for points or the subsidiary question, the date of the first participation will be used, the participant who registered first will prevail over the others.

Each winner will be contacted by email from 07/15/2022. Each winner will have to come forward within a 24-hour time window after sending the shipment to choose their gift. In the event of no response, the entry will be considered void and the next winner in the list will be contacted. Depending on the number of winners and their response speed, the final winners will be contacted in the second half of July.


The Game is endowed with the following prize(s), awarded to the valid winner(s) based on the answer to the subsidiary question and the number of points obtained during the competition. Each winner wins a single prize.

Wanbo T6 Max portable projector (value: +/- 250€)
Blitzwolf VT-2 portable projector (value: +/- 180€)
Blitzwolf BW-WA3 120W speaker (value: +/- 180€)

The organizing company reserves the right to verify the age of any winner before handing over their prize. Under no circumstances may the prizes be exchanged for their cash value or for any other prize. The organizing company cannot be held responsible for the use or non-use, or even trading, of the prizes by the winners. The organizing company does not offer any guarantee or support for the gifts.

In the event of force majeure, the organizing company reserves the right to cancel the prize(s) won without consideration.


Participants authorize the verification of their identity and of all the information appearing on the entry form. Entries whose form is not fully completed and/or containing incomplete or false contact details will not be taken into consideration and lead to the elimination of the entry.

Similarly, non-compliance with these rules as well as any fraud or attempted cheating (VPN, Proxy,...), regardless of its terms, will result in the pure and simple elimination of the participation of its author. Any exclusion cannot be the subject of a complaint, the decision is irrevocable.

Referrals will be considered valid if they come from different devices, locations and emails. Referrals from the same connection will be excluded.


The organizing company can not incur any liability whatsoever, in the event of force majeure or events beyond its control if it were to cancel this Game. It also reserves the right to extend or limit the period of participation, to postpone it or modify the conditions, its liability cannot be incurred as a result.

Addenda and modifications to these regulations may be published during the Game. They will be considered as annexes to these regulations. Any change will be the subject of prior information by any appropriate means after filing the amendment with the office of the Bailiff depositary of these rules.


Your personal data is processed by the Organizing Company, acting as recipient and data controller, in accordance with applicable European and French data protection regulations.

By completing the form and sending the documents required to ensure your participation in the game, you consent to your data being processed and stored in a database hosted in France at OVH. The personal data collected is mandatory. If you do not provide the required data, you will not be able to participate in the game.

They are exclusively intended for the Organizing Company for the sole purpose of taking into account your participation in the game, the management of winners, the allocation of prizes and to meet legal and regulatory obligations. Your data may also be used to inform you of future contests. Participants who have agreed to share their data with a third-party company will agree to be contacted by this third-party company.

Your personal data will be kept for a maximum of 3 years if you have accepted the use of your data for commercial prospecting purposes. This period may be longer in the event of litigation risk in order to ensure the defense of our interests.

You can withdraw your consent at any time.

You have rights of access, rectification, deletion and portability of your data, limitation and opposition to the processing of your data as well as the right to define directives relating to the fate of your personal data after your death. . To exercise these rights, you can send your request by filling out a request via the contact form on


The organizing company may under no circumstances reimburse the costs incurred to participate in the competition.


Participation implies knowledge and acceptance of the characteristics and limits of the Internet, the lack of protection of certain data against possible misappropriation or piracy and risks of contamination by possible viruses circulating on the network. The organizing company declines all direct or indirect responsibility in the event of misuse or incident related to the use of the computer, access to the Internet, maintenance or malfunction of the Game servers, the online telephone or any other technical connection, to the sending of forms to an incorrect or incomplete address.