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JMGO O1 / JMGO O1 Pro : review / questions / answers

JMGO O1 / Pro: read before you buy / review

Paid interview (100€)

I am looking for projector owners for a paid interview with a major Chinese brand. The interview lasts 1 hour and is done by Zoom. It's not a joke, I did it and I received 100€.

Conditions: to be able to speak English, to have a high-end video projector (more than 2000 €), ideally from the following brands (but not mandatory): Samsung, Hisense, Epson, VAVA, Optoma.

Interested? Leave me your email address and I will contact you as soon as possible. Thank you!

Category: Crowdfuning

[b][b]I regularly browse through crowdfunding campaigns because I sometimes find some really interesting nuggets. It's been a long time since I've discovered a product that would be a good candidate for my blog but today I discovered a short throw projector proposed by the brand JMGO.[b][b]Link on Indiegogo: JMGO O1 on Indiegogo[b][b]

Who is JMGO?

[b]JMGO is a Chinese company that was founded in 2011, so it's not one of those companies that came out of nowhere trying to launch a first product on Indiegogo. JMGO has already produced a number of projectors that have garnered many positive reviews on Amazon or Aliexpress. JMGO has been able to demonstrate over time that they are capable of marketing good projectors and this Indiegogo campaign is undoubtedly another way to get a product out there.[b][b]

Level of risk

[b]I consider the risk level to be low because the company has been around for a long time, it has demonstrated its ability to produce similar products and this new type of projector already exists in the form of a prototype. Most likely JMGO will not need Indiegogo to market their new product but I imagine going through this channel brings a benefit in terms of visibility.[b][b]

Product presentation

[b][b][b]JMGO actually offers two different products in its campaign: JMGO O1 and JMGO O1 Pro[b]Both of these projectors have the particularity of being short throw projectors, meaning that you can place the projector at the base of the projection screen to project an image without having to set up the projector in the back of your room. There are many other projectors of this type but this is the first time I have seen short throw projectors in this price range, I think this is the main strength of these two products. The short throw projectors bring a greater freedom of use as the very short throw distance does not require the use of a large room.[b][b]
[b][b]What are the differences between the two projectors? [b]The pro version can project a slightly larger image and the optics were designed in collaboration with Leica. This does not mean that the lens is a Leica lens, otherwise they would have proudly announced that it was a Leica lens. So I don't know what it means and how much Leica was involved in the process but I doubt Leica would have accepted being associated with a bad product.[b][b]The pro version also has a bit more contrast and has a camera that can capture your gestures to control the volume, which is a pretty cool feature. The image on the pro model also automatically adjusts to the position of the projector relative to the screen.[b][b]On paper, these projectors really bring some interesting new features to the projector market. I always considered JMGO to be comparable to XGIMI and now that XGIMI has also renewed its product line I feel that JMGO has gone a step further with these two short throw projectors.[b][b]

JMGO O1 Pro review / questions

[b]Although this product looks very interesting on paper, you still have to ask yourself a few questions before jumping headlong into it. I suspect I won't be the only one asking questions and the answers will eventually be published on Indiegogo. I will contact the builder live to ask my questions and will post the various answers here.[b][b][b]Image quality:[b][b]The demo video does not show the projector in real life conditions, everything has been embellished to make the product more attractive. So I can't get an idea of the sharpness, colour accuracy or contrast.[b][b]I found the following video which appears to show the projector in action but you can't see enough of the device to see if it is indeed the JMGO:[b][b]The image looks quite dark but this could be due to the recording process. In daylight the image doesn't look very visible.[b][b][b]Contrast:[b][b]This is the big weakness of the projectors, JMGO claims a dynamic contrast of 6000:1. On paper, that sounds huge but the reality will probably be very different[b][b][b]Image size:[b][b]The advertised image sizes look pretty small for my situation, I have a 150 inch screen, they don't say if it is possible to go beyond the maximum advertised size.[b][b][b]Consumption:[b][b]The light source is an LED, so the consumption should be good but no information has been published about this[b][b][b]Operating System:[b][b]Both projectors are running Luna OS, so they should be standalone but what can you do with Luna OS? If they had been running an official version of Android TV, it would have at least given a very clear indication of what you can do with the projector. [b][b][b]Warranty:[b][b]They offer a one year warranty whereas when they sell a product in Europe via Amazon, they have to offer a two year warranty. So should you wait for a sale on Amazon or take advantage of the price directly.[b][b][b]Sound quality:[b][b]Projectors with built-in sound don't always produce very good sound, the XGIMI was a success but I haven't found anything equivalent yet. Again, I would need a demonstration of the product in real life conditions.[b][b]If you have more questions, ask them below and when I have enough I will contact JMGO a second time to send them all the questions at once.[b][b]I hope I'll be able to test / review the product before it is launched so that you will be able to see it in action before buying it.[b][b]

Buy now or wait for a review?

[b]As I wrote earlier, the risk for this campaign is low as JMGO has already demonstrated its ability to manufacture good products but the risk still exists. Buying now or waiting for a review is basically a bet where you can buy a not yet manufactured product at a lower prices or wait for reviews to see if it's any good but pay a higher price.

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