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Kospet Tank M1 : test / review

Kospet Tank M1 : test / review
Category: Smartwatch

Time flies and I don't always realize how many products I'm testing. Over the last 12 months I have tested more than 20 connected watches and I tell myself that this must probably be my maximum because after all I only have two wrists where I can test them. My watches have also become a topic of conversation because these watches are visible and sometimes they attract more attention than others, this is particularly the case with this Kospet Tank M1. The name of the watch says it all, it is a watch with a military design and which fully assumes this style. This watch will therefore not be for everyone, but I will let you judge the visible part of the watch yourself, I will focus my test on the functions of this watch. [b][b]

Launch offer

On the occasion of the launch, Kospet offers you 10% discount with the code KOSPETTM12 [b][b] To take advantage of it: Kospet Tank M1 - introductory offer [b][b][b][b]linkManufacturer web site:[b]
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Price Kospet Tank M1

The list below shows the prices for the Kospet Tank M1 from more than 50 sites around the world. If you are not satisfied with any price, you can subscribe to a price alert to be the first to be notified when the price drops.[b]bb
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43 EUR
KOSPET TANK M1 Smart Watch Bluetooth Sport Fitness - Black...
2023-03-30 06:00
44 EUR
KOSPET TANK M1 Pro Smart Wristwatch Health Monitoring 5ATM IP69K Smart Watch...
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45 EUR
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NEW KOSPET TANK M1 PRO Smart Watch Men Rugged Outdoor Sport Fitness Tracker...
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47 EUR
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January 13, 2022: I received the watch directly from Kospet, so the test can begin. [b] February 10, 2022: Kospet Tank M1 official launch with discount coupon.[b]

Waarom deze smartwatch?

I have been testing watches for 2 years and it is mainly curiosity that motivates me to test them, I have tested all kinds of watches but this one is truly one of a kind. I had tested a robust watch from Kospet (the Kospet Rock) but this one goes further by asserting itself even more like a reinforced watch with its military design. The watch must therefore be able to withstand shocks but is also waterproof up to 5 ATM. If you are the type to quickly damage your watches, this watch may be for you.[b]

Structure of my tests

I test products according to a pre-established structure (see below) to provide you with maximum information. Unfortunately, this takes a lot of time. Unlike some sites where products are tested on a single day, I use the products I test for a minimum of a few weeks and sometimes even a few months. If the test is not complete at the time of your visit, I invite you to come back later or ask your question in the comment section below.


Kospet markets watches of several types and in quite different price ranges, this time they opted for a flat box that contains the watch, two silicone straps (khaki green and military texture), a magnetic cable to charge the watch and a manual. [b]

First configuration

The Kospet Tank M1 works right out of the box, so you don't have to go through an app to activate or set it up, you can do it all right from the watch. If you want to recover the data on your smartphone, you can use the Da Fit app. Kospet uses this application on most of its watches. You can configure notifications, change the type of screen and many other things. I come back to the application later in the article.[b]


The Kospet Tank M1 has a strong identity with a rather unique design. It has a somewhat brutal aspect which will probably not please everyone, but I find that in this register Kospet has succeeded in marrying utility with originality. The watch is mostly made of hard plastic with some reinforcements to protect it, but Kospet didn't do that at the expense of screen size. [b]


The Kospet Tank M1 uses Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone but has no other means of communication (neither wifi nor GPS).[b]

Battery range

The Kospet Tank M1 is equipped with a 380 mAh battery, this is a slightly above average battery capacity which should result in a battery life of around two weeks. In practice, I was able to exceed two weeks without any problem while keeping the watch on my wrist day and night and doing one to two hours of sport per week. This watch has a good battery life.[b]

Screen quality

The Kospet Tank M1 is equipped with a 1.72 inch screen with a resolution of 280x320. The screen is quite large, the readability is impeccable, you can see the pixels when looking very closely, but the screen is perfectly readable. The screen brightness is quite strong when pushed to maximum so you can read the dial while exposed to daylight, you can also use it to illuminate an area close to you when in the dark. 'darkness.[b]


The Kospet Tank M1 is a fairly complete watch that offers the following features: [b] - heart rate measurement [b] - sleep analysis [b] - blood pressure measurement [b] - measurement of the oxygen level in the blood [b] - measurement of the number of steps [b] - weather [b] - triggering of the smartphone camera (from the Da Fit) [b] - music control on the smartphone [b] - reception of messages and notifications [b] - alarm clock [b] - breathing exercise [b] - countdown [b] - stopwatch [b] - sports mode with many sports available [b][b] The watch is also water resistant, it can withstand 5 ATM pressure and has an IP69K certification. The watch is also designed to withstand shocks, it can in theory survive the passage of a 2 ton car. [b][b] I can't consider the watch's reliability to be a feature, but it's still an important argument. Kospet prepared a video with all kinds of extreme conditions to demonstrate the solidity of the video: [b]


The Kospet Tank M1 uses an HRS3690 heart rate sensor which should in principle provide reliable heart rate measurements. I did some tests to assess the reliability of these measurements by comparing the Kospet Tank M1 to my Polar H10 belt, the two devices being used at the same time for the same sports session. I have taken two examples here below. [b] - sport session 1 with the Kospet Tank M1: [b] Duration: 31 minutes [b] Average heart rate: 90 [b] Calories: 48 [b][b] - 1 sport session with Polar H10: [b] Duration: 31 minutes [b] Average heart rate: 129 (with 157 as maximum) [b] Calories: 399 [b][b] - sport session 2 with the Kospet Tank M1: [b] Duration: 46 minutes [b] Average heart rate: 83 [b] Calories: 62 [b][b] - sport session 2 with Polar H10: [b] Duration: 46 minutes [b] Average heart rate: 122 (with 145 as maximum) [b] Calories: 527 [b][b] As you can see the measurements are very different, the Polar H10 produces very reliable heart rate measurements. How come these measurements are so different? I've found that on a lot of entry-level watches, the measurements are reliable when the heart is at rest and the heart rate doesn't fluctuate too much. As soon as the heart rate increases, the watch can no longer capture the pulses quickly enough and the differences with the Polar H10 are much greater. This is not a problem unique to Kospet, it is almost always the case on watches in this price range.[b][b]


You do not need an application to be able to use the Kospet Tank M1 but on the other hand if you want to follow the evolution of your heart rate or your sleep, the application allows you to store the data over time and display the results in the form of graphs. [b][b] The Da Fit application is quite easy to use, it is divided into 3 screens. The first resumes the summary of all the measurements in the form of a graph. The second allows you to personalize the watch by changing the dial but also by activating/deactivating all kinds of services such as notifications or automatic switching on of the screen. [b][b] I have been using this application for almost 2 years to test different watches and I find that the application has evolved well. There are still some translation issues and some features are not always intuitive, but overall this app is moving in the right direction.[b]


The Kospet Tank M1 is compatible with all smartphones capable of running the Da Fit application.[b]

Operating system

The operating system of the Kospet Tank M1 is broadly based on what is usually found on all watches of this type, the design is very simple and most of the functions are accessible with one or two actions. [b][b] The basic screen can be customized from the watch, some dials are pre-installed in the watch but if you want more choice, in this case you have to use the Da Fit application . Going up from the home screen you find the basic ingredients for configuring the watch such as brightness, battery status or "do not disturb" mode. Below the home screen is the list of incoming notifications (configurable in the application). On the left there is not really a screen but rather a panel which is superimposed with quick access to the main functions. On the right we find the main functionalities in the form of dedicated screens with more information than the watch face. The button at the bottom right of the watch gives access to the list of functionalities in the form of icons.[b][b]

Encoutered bugs

Not yet available / tested[b][b]

Compare Kospet Tank M1 with the others

I assigned a score of 1 to 10 for each test that determines the strengths and weaknesses of a product. I am using 0 for criteria that have not (yet) been tested. A score of 1 to 3 indicates poor performance (and yes, it does), a score of 4 to 6 indicates average performance, a score of 7 to 8 indicates good performance, and a score of 9 and 10 indicates exceptional performance. .
The score is calculated based on my measurements and when there are no measurements, it is a subjective opinion based on my experience.

The scores are not static, they change over time because the performance of new products changes and this must be taken into account.

Score not yet available
Kospet Tank M1
Global ranking
1. Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 52.5 / 77
2. Kospet Optimus 2 49.5 / 77
3. Lemfo Lem15 49 / 77
4. Kospet Prime S 49 / 77
5. Amazfit Gts 48 / 77
6. Haylou Rs3 47.5 / 77
7. Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite 47.5 / 77
8. Kospet Magic 3 43 / 70
9. Amazfit X Curved 42.5 / 70
10. Kospet Rock 41.5 / 70
11. Huawei Watch Gt Active 41.5 / 70
12. Mi Band 4 41 / 70
13. Mi Band 5 40.5 / 70
14. Mi Band 3 39.5 / 70
15. Fobase Magic 39.5 / 70
16. Zeblaze Ares 38.5 / 70
17. Mibro Air 38.5 / 70
18. Umidigi Uwatch Gt 38 / 70
19. Mi Band 6 37.5 / 63

Test / Review conclusion

Kospet reminds me a bit of Xiaomi because this company is able to produce and market many types of watches of very different types while selling them at a very aggressive price. This Kospet Tank M1 is also quite unique in its genre. It cannot therefore be easily compared to other watches (except perhaps the Kospet Rock which I also tested) because of its robust appearance, but on the other hand at the functional level, it offers everything one would expect. of a watch at this price. [b][b] One of the strengths of this watch is its sturdiness and it's not just a marketing argument. The watch won't break if it falls off your wrist, it can withstand being hit by a car and is also water resistant up to 5 ATM, few watches in this price range are able to withstand such conditions . The protection of the watch gives it a very brutal aspect which will probably not please everyone but it is the price to pay to be able to protect the watch, it is the same thing with smartphones of this type. [b][b] The Kospet Tank M1 is a very easy to use watch, the operating system is simple and intuitive, you don't have to go far to find all the features. The watch offers all the functionality of an entry-level smartwatch. All in all everything works very well, you just have to understand that heart rate measurements are not fast enough to measure your cardiac performance reliably. [b][b] Autonomy is undoubtedly another strong point of this watch because I was able to use it for more than two weeks keeping it on my wrist all the time and doing one to two hours of sport per week. For a watch with such a large screen, this is a very good performance. [b][b] Kospet has therefore succeeded in producing a watch that is quite unique in its genre and in addition it is marketed at an affordable price. I mainly see two types of target audience for this kind of watch. First, there are those who practice a sport that can endanger a watch (due to falls or shocks). I am also thinking of a public who exercises a profession where the risk of damaging a watch is great, the Kospet Tank M1 will offer them a watch with all the basic functionalities but with protection that will save them major problems at the first shock.[b]Strengths[b]- solidity [b] - battery life [b] - size and brightness of the screen [b] - weight [b] - ease of use [b] - no app required (except for measurements beyond 24h) [b][b][b]Weaknesses[b]- measurement reliability [b] - slightly floating closing system [b][b][b]

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